Friday, 21 June 2013

In the Garden in June

Clematis in the Kitchen Garden

It's been a busy couple of months in the garden - the changeable weather delayed planting but the combination of sunshine and showers has certainly encouraged the weeds! We can however celebrate finishing the last of the digging and main weeding of the new beds in the Kitchen Garden. We have also just about caught up with all the planting and we're pleased with how it's all growing now. Unfortunately, our peach trees are not so happy and we're treating them for canker and peach leaf curl.

We said goodbye to Anna, our Gardener, in May - we had a small party for her in the Brewhouse with many of the volunteers and wished her luck for her new job.

Party for Anna

We have a new gardener starting with us in August but in the meantime Jane and the volunteers are doing a fantastic job keeping the garden looking good.

Most of the main planting of veg and cut flowers has now been done - just the artichokes to go out at a later date. Putting up the brassica net turned into a major team event!

Brassica nets - very important for protection from butterflies!

The Wisteria in the Forecourt was a little late blooming but is now delighting visitors with its scent. The Deutzia is also now putting on a fine show. Diane, a new garden tour guide started in June and here she is standing under the Wisteria:

Diane, our new garden tour and room guide

Our bees have not been very happy lately so we may need to think about putting up some netting near the hives to detract them from buzzing around the croquet lawns. One hive decided to swarm the other day and it formed an amazing shape just near the hives and right next to the 'don't approach the bee hives' sign! Seb, our House Steward, was brave enough to take the photo...

Bees hanging around in the garden in a strange sock or fish shape... (photo courtesy of Seb)

Julie, Garden Volunteer Co-ordinator

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